Yoga for Mind, Body and Spirit in Oxfordshire

Julie Bolitho leads practices in Kripalu and Aerial Yoga, as well as offers Thai Yoga Massage. Each practice is grounded in compassion and mindfulness.




Yoga Grace

Sanctuary Grace


Kripalu yoga focuses on a mindful practice of developing nonjudgemental awareness--or witness consciousness--of body, mind and spirit.


It is a yoga that is open to everyone--from the beginner to the advanced yogi. Kripalu yoga places emphasis on the individual experience--not on the aesthetic look of a pose. The unique body, mind and spirit are honored.


Kripalu yoga, like most forms of yoga, focuses on breath awareness and merging breath with movement. Postures aid in producing both physical and mental benefits--at times allowing the mind to take a much-needed break, giving the body an opportunity to move freely.

Why Kripalu Yoga?