Yoga for Mind, Body and Spirit in Oxfordshire

Julie Bolitho leads practices in Kripalu and Aerial Yoga, as well as offers Thai Yoga Massage. Each practice is grounded in compassion and mindfulness.




Yoga Grace

Sanctuary Grace

Aerial Yoga with Julie

*Aerial Yoga Resuming Autumn 2017*


What is it?

Aerial Yoga is a unique form of fusion yoga that uses low-hanging fabric hammocks to support the weight of the body. With the body supported, students can experience postures in a new way, including achieving deeper backbends and inversions. Aerial Yoga also helps to decompress the spine , lengthen muscles and increase flexibility throughout the body without the joint pressure that can sometimes be associated with a traditional asana practice.


Why study with Julie?

Julie trained with Devi Kaur--one of the leading aerial yoga teacher trainers in the UK. With Julie's background in Kripalu yoga, she approaches her aerial classes with the same compassion and fun, while taking the utmost care to keep students safe and thriving in their practice.


Location and Time

3pm on Sundays at Pirate Fitness in Witney. £16.


How to book

Please book online, by following the link below. If there are any problems, please phone Julie on 07910 393445 or email: Thank you!




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